Saturday, April 18, 2015

What is Net neutrality explanation video in Telugu

Save the internet. Tell TRAI we need network neutrality

Send your emails to TRAI from that website BEFORE April 24th. And show your support by spreading the word.

#SaveTheInternet #IndiaWantsNetNeutrality

► To expose the greedy nature of our Telecom Operators we decide to make this video about Net Neutrality . Hope you all like it.

► We tried to cater to only a specific set of audience through this video.. they are our telugu speaking people... Initial references were taken from John Oliver's and AIB's video about the said topic.

► TRAI also has been very helpful to us in giving us a chance to voice our opportunities against the greedy telecos. So send in your emails quick... the website link above makes it easy-peezy.

► To actually download & read the 118 pages document visit TRAI's website here -

► If you want to reasearch and find out more about Net Neutrality
start from the links below...

John Oliver's take on Net Neutrality ►

AIB's video ►

► A single picture speaks a thousand words.. so one image which clearly explains Net Neutrality -

► An Awesome Reddit Thread -